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Lifelong friendship

AniML Tech

AniML Tech develops wearable technologies for dogs to help owners monitor the activity, health and wellbeing of their companions with fur-friendly and comfortable sensors.


Wearable technology
for dogs

Healthy dogs, happy owners

Based on 5-years of research at Imperial College London, we develop technologies that aim to broaden, deepen, and strengthen the connection with companion animals. Our first product is a wearable device suited for dogs that can measure activity and continuously monitor their heart and respiratory rates, providing the owners with key information on health and wellbeing. We dream of a stronger, longer, and healthier dog-human companionship, serving the wellbeing of both humans and dogs alike.

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We are a group of scientists and engineers at Imperial College London, where we have been developing our novel sensor technology.


Hakan Bagci

Chief Executive Officer

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Yasin Cotur

Chief Technology Officer

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Firat Guder

Chief Scientific Officer

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